Shopping in the USA and using a US personal shopper

The Benefits of Shopping In the USA

Shopping has evolved over the years – from modest community stores, then supermarkets, and now online shopping sites. And for anyone with a computer and internet access, online shopping is easily within reach. One fact is very clear: the more comfortable a person is with technology, then the more they’ll be to shop online.

This is especially the case in the US, where online shopping as a proportion of the total shopping done continues to grow. You can literally get anything online.

For those of us living outside of the USA, if we wanted to benefit from the US shopping experience (low prices and plenty of choice), we had no choice but to take a flight over with empty suitcases, make our purchases and then fly back home with full suitcases! And that did happen – and it still does!

That said, some particularly astute people I know used to have bargain international shipping agents ship their goods home.

The internet age has changed this model completely. And now anyone living outside of the US, that has a computer and access to the internet can engage in US shopping online any time they want. The only drawback can be that the shipping costs can be prohibitively expensive. That’s of course assuming that they ship internationally in any case (many don’t for some reason).

Another issue – often forgotten – is that overseas purchases are often subject to import tax and sometimes a sales tax on top of that as well. So if you shop at online US websites you may well end up paying an extra fee for your purchases. I know – I have been caught out myself!

Have Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address

Personal shopper USA

An increasingly popular way to shop online with US online retailers is to use a US personal shopper. With a personal shopper, as the term implies, you get a 3rd party (the personal shopper) to do your online shopping for you.

There are different versions of personal shopper, depending upon the level of service that you require. But essentially can specify i) what product you want to purchase, ii) which online shop to buy from, iii) how much to pay, and iv) the method of payment. The personal shopper will then arrange the international shipping to your home country.

Why bother? Well, for a start some online retailers will only accept orders from (and deliver to) US postal addresses. Also, it’s pretty good to be able to give your shopping list to another person and then let them do your shopping for you.

And another great benefit is that when they arrange your shipping, they will re-pack your purchases into a single package which can help reduce any potential import tax (so long as don’t include receipts, and mark the package as ‘gift’ or mark down the declared value).
Have Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address

US Shopping – It’s Future

For the time being, especially with the $USD getting weaker by the day, it means that making your purchases from the US will probably continue to be a beneficial option to you as a buyer. And of course if that ever changes (doubtful) then you can buy elsewhere.

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