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Yes Consider Getting an Address in the USA

A few years ago when my friend Tore told me that he had an address in the USA and suggested that I should consider getting getting an address in the USA myself; I honestly thought he was mad. I could not conceive of any possible reason why a US postal address would be of any use to me at all. Then he explained why.

As you must already have gathered, neither myself nor my mate Tore are from the US. He is Norwegian and I’m from the UK. We go back a few years when we studied together at university in London. And although he is back in Oslo now and I’m still in London, we stay in touch – we have a lot in common!

Especially in that we both travel a lot and spend a lot of time outside of our native country, we buy a lot of products from the US, we subscribe to specialty US magazines. You get the idea… although neither of us live in the US, we actually get a lot of stuff (products) out of the US. We each of us buy products from the US both on a regular basis and on an ad hoc basis.

I can tell you, especially if you travel a lot like I do, it’s an awkward and expensive business. So how does having an address in the US help either of us?

A US Mailing address (which essentially what you have by getting an address in the US) has – as all US mail forwarding services will point out – several advantages. For instance:

  1. You are able to receive magazines that only allow subscriptions within the US.
  2. It gets around the fact that a lot of US companies (for some reason) do not do international shipping.
  3. And apparently it makes securing a US credit card (getting ever more difficult for non-US personnel) a bit easier. I’m just testing this myself now!

So far so good BUT, what good is it if my US purchases are at my virtual US address? I’ve still got to get them to London, or in Pete’s case – Oslo.

Here is the thing, some specialist companies such as MyUS allow you an address in the US and additionally provide you with international mail forwarding services. Now that was useful.

Additional Benefits of having a US Address

Additionally with a US mail forwarding address, you are not only able to save money on shipping costs within the US, BUT ALSO you can receive deliveries from specialist international shipping companies like DHL, FedEx and UPS.

This is because your US address is NOT a P.O. Box – it’s a proper, recognized US postal address. And your packages are signed for when they are received, and placed in your mailbox awaiting you collection or for forwarding to your main (overseas address)!

Some mail managing services also enable you to view your mail. They will either a) scan & email to you, else b) copy and fax to you. Either way it means that you get to read your (snail) mail without having to wait for it to be forwarded on to you. And of course if you want, you don’t have to have the ‘actual’ hard copy of the letter sent on to you at all, you can have it destroyed.

Another great benefit of these type of international mail forwarding services from the USA is that if you have several packages in your mailbox, your mail company will consolidate and repackaging your purchases. By taking advantage of this service, you can potentially save on courier shipping fees by combining packages into one shipment instead of individual shipments per parcel.

And usually, depending upon the courier service you select (DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS etc), you’ll receive your ‘consolidated’ package through in about 5 days or so.

Your USA address gives you the freedom and simplicity of having one address that enables you to receive mail globally and have the mail forwarded to wherever you happen to be. And if you happen to buy a lot of stuff from the US, then it is especially helpful to you. I use for my international mail forwarding. If you want more info then check out…

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